General Information

Padova is a medieval town located about 20 km far from Venice. The average temperature in Padova during June varies between 78 oF (25 oC) and 59 oF (15 oC). The meeting rooms are conditioned and temperatures and personal comfort zones vary widely. It is recommended that you bring a sweater or jacket to the sessions. The closest international airport to reach Padova is the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, which is connected to the city by shuttle, bus or train.

Shuttle connection: a collective shuttle bus service taking you from/to the airport according to the expected flight arrival/departure can be reserved online in advance with Air Service. The approximate cost for a one-way trip is about 30 Euros.

Bus connection: an extra-urban bus service is available every day from the Venice Airport to Padova bus station. Departures from the airport to the city are scheduled at one-hour intervals between 8:40 AM and 9:40 PM. Departures from the city to the airport are scheduled at one-hour intervals between 7:25 AM and 8:25 PM. The trip takes about 75 minutes, but the actual duration can vary according to the traffic conditions. Tickets can be bought at either the bus station or the airport. The approximate cost for a one-way trip is about 6 Euros.

Train connection: the Venice airport is not directly connected to a railway station. To use the train, you have to catch the Orange Actv bus departing from the airport to Mestre railway station. This is a urban public service with buses leaving from the airport at 15-minute intervals. From Mestre, there are trains stopping in Padova every 20 minutes. Be careful that trains can be either local or high-speed national (Eurostar), with the cost of the ticket possibly varying from about 5 Euros to 20 Euros. Tickets for Actv transportation can be bought at either the airport or the Mestre railway station, with an approximate cost of 2 Euros.

Tourist information
Padova city center can be easily visited on foot as all points of interests are at a walking distance. Local transportation is anyway available by bus. Visit Welcome to Padova website for more information on the city and the surrounding area.

Visa Information
Citizens of the European Union countries can travel to Italy using their national identity card with no limitations. Citizens of the United States with a valid passport do not need a visa to enter Italy if they do not expect to stay more than 90 days and do not expect to work there. For visa information for citizens of other countries, please consult the Italian Foreign Ministry website.
Note: Passport and visa requirements are liable to change at short notice. Travelers are advised to check their entry requirements with their embassy or consulate. For any additional information contact prof. Massimiliano Ferronato at using "Visa information" as subject.

Letter of Invitation
Confirmed speakers in need of a Letter of Invitation to assist in the visa application process, please fill out the Letter of Invitation Request Form. Please allow three to four weeks for processing and delivery. If you are not planning to present at the conference or are not yet a confirmed speaker and need a letter of invitation before acceptance notifications are sent, please fill out the form above and provide the following information to
(1) Brief curriculum vita (including your date of birth and a list of publications over the past 3 years.)
(2) Brief statement why attending this conference would help your research and career.
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