Adaptive grids
Atmospheric modeling
Basin simulation
Borehole geophysics
Carbon sequestration
Coastal modeling
Contaminant transport and water quality
Coupled surface and subsurface flows
Coupled flow, geochemistry, and geomechanics
Data assimilation
Earth biosphere systems
Earth dynamics
Geology, geophysics, and petrology
Global climate change
High prformance computing
Inverse modeling
Iterative solution methods
Methane hydrate modeling
Modeling and analysis of coupled phenomena
Molecular level and hybrid modeling
Multiphase multicomponent flow modeling
Nuclear waste disposal
Numerical methods for flow and transport, error analysis and estimation
Ocean modeling
Polar ice flows
Pore scale modeling
Quantification of uncertainty, geostatistics and stochastic modeling
Seismic modeling
Storm surge modeling
Structural modeling & grid generation
Subsurface characterization & monitoring
Surface water
Tsunami models
Upscaling and multiscale methods
Validation and verification