Conference Venue

The Conference will be held at the Centro Congressi Padova "A. Luciani" in Padua. The venue is close to the city centre and has free wi-fi facilities. A shuttle is available for the transportation from and to the city hotels according to the schedule provided below. A map of the conference venue with the room location is available here.

Audio-video policy
Every room will have one (1) screen, one (1) data projector and one (1) Windows based computer. The Plenary Session Room will have two (2) screens and one (1) data projector and (1) Windows based computer. A speaker using his own computer should bring his own cable/adaptor. SIAM and University of Padua is not responsible for the safety and security of speakers' computers. Overhead projectors will be provided only when requested. If you would like to request an overhead projector for your session, please email dr. Carlo Janna at with subject "Audio-video" no later than May 30, 2013.
Speakers may inquire about ordering additional audio-visual equipment by contacting dr. Carlo Janna at with the same subject. All speakers, please consult the general SIAM Audio-video Policy prior to the pre-registration deadline.

Shuttle information
If you have booked your hotel through our online system or chosen your accommodation among the suggested list, a free shuttle service is provided picking you up in the morning and bringing you back in the evening.

Timetable and pick-up point location

Pick-up pointsLocationHotels Leaving time
# 1 - WestCorso Milano, 40Majestic Toscanelli, Plaza Padova,Verdi7:25 AM (Monday, 17), 7:40 AM (Tuesday, 18 through Thursday, 20)
# 2 - WestVia Bronzetti, 62Milano 7:30 AM (Monday, 17), 7:45 AM (Tuesday, 18 through Thursday, 20)
# 3 - WestVia Cavalletto, 30Methis, M14 7:35 AM (Monday, 17), 7:50 AM (Tuesday, 18 through Thursday, 20)
# 4 - WestPiazzale PontecorvoAl Santo, Casa del Pellegrino, Donatello, Giotto, Igea, Maritan7:40 AM (Monday, 17), 7:55 AM (Tuesday, 18 through Thursday, 20)
# 5 - EastVia Vecchio GasometroEuropa, Sant'Antonio7:35 AM (Monday, 17), 7:50 AM (Tuesday, 18 through Thursday, 20)
# 6 - EastVia Venezia, 30Galileo 7:40 AM (Monday, 17), 7:55 AM (Tuesday, 18 through Thursday, 20)

-- For a map of pick-up point locations click here --